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Dick Grayson ([personal profile] daringyoungman) wrote2013-05-12 10:50 am
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Evening on Mothers Day, and Haly’s circus is set up and ready to open for Gotham City tomorrow. Dick’s done the flowers thing - he ran into town earlier for it - and now he’s just horsing around, jumping long the trailer roofs, walking bunting like a high wire, enjoying the heights in the evening.

There are people below him talking, but they don’t look up to notice him.

Well, ‘people.’ All Haly is really saying is ‘but’ in between every sentence churned out by the fat guy - Dick doesn’t recognize him.

“C’mon, Haly It’s not like I’m askin’ you to change the name to Zucco Circus. You got some nice trucks. I got a lot of nice trucks. You get to cross state lines every which way, ‘cause like I said, everybody loves the circus. Me, I got stuff that’s gotta get across state lines.”

They stop by the edge of the site, by the huge billboard just put in today. Neither look up to see Dick perch on the top.

“The Flyin’ Graysons. So that’s your star attraction, huh? Be a shame if somethin’ happened to them, y’know? I mean, with them being way up there, and the ground bein’ way down here.”

Dick doesn’t really understand a word. So he forgets about it.