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Dick Grayson ([personal profile] daringyoungman) wrote2013-05-15 10:54 am
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There is an accident.

John always checks the ropes. Always. He wouldn’t make a mistake.

An accident.

Not their fault.

Dick hears a scream.

All the heat is sucked out of the tent. The noise gets louder, but also fades into a buzz, seems to be happening miles away.

Someone puts a jacket around his shoulders.

There’s an argument. He hears his name, but it means nothing.

He’s sitting in a chair in a room with a lot of desks, answering questions.

(It was an accident)

He looks at the man asking them, realizes he's talking to a cop, and suddenly shuts up.
No one shouts at him for it.

He’s in a car, pulling up outside a house.

There is a woman in black and white, and Dick guesses she must be a nun.

Slowly, he realizes he must be at an orphanage.