May. 24th, 2013

May. 24th, 2013 06:35 pm
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Dick has found himself wondering on a few occasions over the past week or so, if he would ever get used to it.

Or if it would ever stop hurting.

Smiles happen, but only in Milliways. Crying happens, but only in Milliways. But the longer he goes in Milliways without coming back, the longer it takes for him to find a door again. Every minute spent in the bar, with his friends, has to be spent in the dining hall, or the classroom, or the dorms, surrounded by nuns and stupid rube children who laugh at him for climbing on the furniture and scream at him when he climbs on the roof. People who don't understand him and want him to be someone they do understand.

He lives here now. He tries telling it to himself once, but it doesn't seem real. Can't seem possible.

He misses his Mom and Dad.

And then, one morning, a large black car pulls up outside the orphanage. From a window on the stairwell, Dick watches a tall, bald man step out of the driver's side and move around to open the back door. Out of that steps another tall man, but this one much broader in the shoulders, and with a full head of hair, wearing a fancy looking suit.

He watches them walk to the door and hears the doorbell, and then hears nothing until, twenty minutes late her hears his name being called from downstairs.

"Richard! Richard Grayson, where have you got to? Come here child. Clean your face, be quick! You're a very lucky boy, today."

(He doesn't feel lucky.)

He's shown into the front parlor, where the Mother Superior is sitting on a chair by a coffee table. The bald man is standing behind the couch, his back to the door, and he turns around when Dick comes in. The other man is sitting on the couch, in a way that seems to take up the whole seat, arm slung around the back. He watches Dick approach, and the grin on his face vanishes. Dick ends up standing self consciously in the middle of the floor, looking from one face to the other.

"Richard," the Mother Superior explains. "This is Bruce Wayne. The Bruce Wayne, you understand?"

The name means nothing to Dick, but he expects that he's not supposed to say that, so he nods.

"You're very lucky," she says, and shoots him a cold smile. "Mr. Wayne has decided that you're to go home with him."


Dick looks at the nun, trying to find the joke, and at Mr. Wayne, who is still looking at him with an expression he can't work out, and at the bald man, who at least looks like he really cares about him.

Mister Wayne leans forward.

"I would like you to come and live with me. I would have come earlier, but I had to go through social services. Would that be okay? To live at Wayne Manor instead of here?"

Dick looks at him, and at the bald man, and at the Mother Superior, who nods at him while staring, as if to say 'you should be nodding, now.'

Dick looks back at Mister Wayne.

"Alright," he agrees.

It can't be worse than here.


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