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 Alfred told Dick that Bruce would never ask.

So Dick thought about this. And Dick decided to go ahead without Bruce's asking. So when Bruce has been out of the house (and Bruce is out of the cave a lot) Dick has been sewing. His parents taught him; on the road costumes had to be made and repaired as you go, and everyone did it. Your costume was your own responsibility. So Dick made it his.

But he's going to have to tell Bruce one of these days, he knows. In fact, he comes down to the cave tonight, clutching his newly swwn yellow cape in hand, to find Bruce. But Bruce is out, patrolling the city, trying to catch the Hang Man.

He won't succeed.

Tomorrow it will be in the papers.


The Maroni Brothers.
Lucia Viti
Edward Skeevers
Bobby Gazzo

Not the Hang Man, though. Two Face. Poison Ivy. Mr Freeze. The Joker. Themed villains, a new crop in Gotham City, setting out to make the City theirs my getting rid of the mob bosses - Six of the nine are now only 'safe' in a certain sense of the word.

Dick reads the paper over breakfast while Bruce sleeps off the night. He decides not to mention the costume yet.

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