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Dick Grayson ([personal profile] daringyoungman) wrote2013-10-31 09:31 pm
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 "I can't change your mind."
Not a question. Dick appreciates that.

"No way."
"You might want to rethink the yellow cape." Again, a statement, not a real suggestion.
"Nope. Those were the colors my parents wore in the circus."
(Because it's not about Bruce. And while he knows Bruce knows it, Dick wants it obvious. Doing it WITH him, not doing it FOR him.)
"And what is it you want to call yourself?"
(When the Red Red...)
("My little Robin, always bobbin' along.")
For her, and for his father.
With the artficial lights off, the cave is completely pitch black until Bruce strikes a match, casting a light over his gauntlets, and then the candle set on a rock between the two of them. They are both silent as he lights the candle, then Bruce offers his hand to Dick.
"Batman and Robin," Bruce says, trying it out. He seems to like the sound of it.
Bruce raises his hand, and he makes a vow.

To work with Dick, to train him, to guide him in his new life, and to make sure that the boy is never alone again.
Dick never gave Gotham a second thought until Mothers' Day this year. Then the city took his parents away from him and his whole life changed. Now, he stands in a cave deep beneath the city and he makes a vow.
To rid the city of that evil. To fight the poison and the corruption that leaves children orphans. To clear the darkness of Gotham.

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