daringyoungman: ([Dick] Haly's Circus)
Dick Grayson ([personal profile] daringyoungman) wrote2013-04-29 09:10 pm
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Haly's Circus: New York City!

 It's a quick stop between Metropolis and Gotham City. New York is what John Grayson calls a Red Pin town - big shows, and dangerous tricks, but it's smaller than Metropolis and is a warm up for the big shows in Gotham.

Dick waited until the punters were beginning to show up then grabbed a moment between rehearsals to run into the bar and collect his friends. So many people had said they hadn't been to a circus in too long, and that had to be fixed.

Also, he feels that if having access to a magic bar is going to do something, it might as well bring an audience to the circus.

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