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Dick Grayson: Agent of SHIELD

As an orphaned circus kid, Dick Grayson was taken in by Bruce Wayne, an Agent of SHIELD, which organisation Dick joined as soon as he was old enough, with Bruce becoming his Supervising Officer. Dick's loyalty is to Bruce more than it is to SHIELD, but as Bruce's own motivations are aligned with SHIELD, that's not actually a problem.

Dick is in his twenties, still has a habit of fighting more like a tumbling circus brat than a trained specialist, but  when not in the field he has a casual, careless demeanour that's much more 'son of a wealthy businessman' than 'trained killer.' He smiles a lot and he likes people.

He's been coming to the bar for years now, and it's kind of an open secret that he's actually a secret agent - he doesn't talk about it, and no one knows any details, but it's come up in the occasional 'having to save people's lives' sense.  Whether or not his adopted father knows that he's a secret agent is NOT known.

Playing notes:
NOTHING that transpires in Dick's thread, regarding knowledge of Marvel canon, will be remembered by Robin/Nightwing!Dick. Similarly, I ask that any knowledge from Marvel canon that comes from playing with this Dick be forgotten by any pups who interact with him, and no knowledge of previous versions of Dick be used when playing with this one.

Please feel free to assume previous knowledge of THIS Dick.

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